About Anta Translation Services

Certified Document Translation and Interpreting Services in Toronto, Ontario

Since its inception in the last year of the 20th century, ANTA Translations Services Company has been successfully and continuously serving Russian and Ukrainian speaking communities of the Greater Toronto Area in meeting their translation and interpreting needs.

We specialize in official translation services (written translations of legal documents and various printed materials, audio and video recordings) and official interpreting services (verbal translation in civil courts, medical facilities, government institutions and so on).

We translate documents into either official language of Canada (English and/or French) and vice versa In addition, we provide translations services in most European languages: Belarusian, Polish, Spanish, German, Dutch, Czech, and the list may go on. Therefore, please contact us to find out more information about our language combinations and our competitive rates.

Conveniently located near Runnymede subway station in West Toronto area, our translation agency has helped thousands of newcomers and old residents of Canada to translate their documents. We guarantee fast completion of work (turnaround time) and high quality at reasonably competitive rates. Since rates may vary depending on the language combination, nature of documents and volume of your project, we encourage you to contact our Company to find out more details on rates and completion time.